How to Deploy

With Nullstack it's easy to have your application up and running in production mode.

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Nullstack compiles your code and all your dependencies using Webpack.

The output of the compilation is moved to the .production folder and is the only folder besides public that needs to be moved into the host machine.

If you have project.cdn set you must move the public folder to the actual cdn.

💡 It is important that the .production folder is present for environment detection

The host machine must have at least node v8.10.0 installed.

You don't have to "npm install" in the host machine.

✨ You can configure the environment using settings and secrets

To start the server just run:

node .production/server.js

✨ It is recommend the usage of a process manager like PM2

How to Deploy a static generated site with Nullstack

After you generate a static site, all you have to do is move the output folder to any host machine capable of serving HTML.

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🎉 Congratulations. You are done with the advanced concepts!

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