Single Page Applications

Use Nullstack to generate single page applications that can connect to any API or server functions.

Single page applications are useful for environments that should not use server-side rendering, like native applications.

You can easily move your application from SSR to SPA by changing the build command.

npx nullstack build --mode=spa --output=spa

🔥 You must be in a Nullstack project folder to run this command.

By default, it will create your single page application in the spa folder you can override this with the --output flag.

The builder will run your application in production mode and generate an empty index.html that is prepared to become a Nullstack client-only application.

The manifest.json and the contents of the public folder will be copied into the target folder.

On the first visit to your static application the javascript bundle will be loaded and start a SPA.

On the subsequent requests, Nullstack will push history and update the application state without ever reloading the page.

Good Pratices

You can add a script to your package.json to generate your static website in a custom folder:

  "name": "",
  "scripts": {
    "start": "npx nullstack start",
    "build": "npx nullstack build --mode=spa --output=web",


In SPA mode both prepare and initiate will always run in the client. However it is a good pratice to follow SSR patterns in order to be able to easily change the build mode.

You can mix modes and request further server functions by pointing worker.api and hosting the server bundle in a node.js environment.

Next step

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