Context Secrets

  • Type: object
  • Origin: Nullstack Context
  • Availability: server
  • readwrite in server context

You can use it to configure your application with private information.

secrets keys are frozen after the application startup.

The following keys are available in the object:

  • development: object
  • production: object
  • [anySetting]: any

You can assign keys to development or production keys in order to have different secrets per environment.

If you assign a key directly to the secrets object it will be available in both environments.

When reading from a key you must read directly from the secrets object and Nullstack will return the best-suited value for that environment.

import Nullstack from 'nullstack';

class Application extends Nullstack {

  static async start({secrets}) {
    secrets.development.privateKey = 'SANDBOX_API_KEY';
    secrets.production.privateKey = 'PRODUCTION_API_KEY';
    secrets.endpoint = '';

  static async fetchFromApi({secrets}) {
    const response = await fetch(secrets.endpoint, {
      headers: {
        Authorization: `Bearer ${secrets.privateKey}`
    return await response.json();


export default Application;

Any environment key starting with NULLSTACK_SECRETS_ will be mapped to the secrets in that environment.

🐱‍💻 NULLSTACK_SECRETS_PRIVATE_KEY will be mapped to secrets.privateKey

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