What is Nullstack?

Nullstack is an isomorphic JavaScript framework that allows developers to build Full Stack applications while staying focused on the product features, and solving the user problems, rather than spending a significant amount of their time worrying about layers of abstraction and choosing which tools make them look fancy.

Nullstack can be used to build a variety of projects, such as Blockchain dapps, web applications (SSR, SPA, SSG), Google Chrome extensions, Hybrid Native applications, Electron applications, and anything else you can do with JavaScript at the same time with a single codebase.

Feature Driven

A Nullstack feature speaks the same language to the developer, the project manager, and the client.

Nullstack components are complete features. They connect the application from the backend to the frontend providing a fully functional feature in a single component.

There're no such thing as big projects in Nullstack, only small features. A feature could be composed of other features, one feature could even be an entire application imported as a component into another application.

This might look wrong and go against everything you've ever learned, but it works, it's faster and more flexible. Your code gets much simpler and easier to understand, people can quickly jump in your codebase and start contributing. Developers can make changes in giant projects without any cognitive overhead.

Feature-driven development might not be for everyone, but Nullstack gives you enough freedom to use it however you see fit. You can still use Nullstack with layers and abstractions, we're not here to hold your hand, you're free to shoot your own foot.

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