Context Environment

  • Type: object
  • Origin: Nullstack Context
  • Availability: server/client
  • readonly in server/client context

It gives you information about the current environment.

The following keys are available in the object:

  • client: boolean
  • server: boolean
  • development: boolean
  • production: boolean
  • static: boolean
  • key: string
import Nullstack from 'nullstack';

class Page extends Nullstack {
  render({environment}) {
    return (
        {environment.client && <p>I'm in the client</p>}
        {environment.server && <p>I'm in the server</p>}
        {environment.development && <p>I'm in development mode</p>}
        {environment.production && <p>I'm in production mode</p>}
        {environment.static && <p>I'm in a static site</p>}
        <p> My key is {environment.key}</p>


export default Page;

The environment key is an md5 hash of the current environment folder outputs. The key is appended to assets and static API path to assist cache control.

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