Context Environment

The environment object is in the framework store part of your context and gives you information about the current environment.

This key is readonly and available in both the client and server contexts.

The following keys are available in the object:

  • client: boolean
  • server: boolean
  • development: boolean
  • production: boolean
  • static: boolean
  • key: string
import Nullstack from 'nullstack';

class Page extends Nullstack {
  render({environment}) {
    return (
        {environment.client && <p>I'm in the client</p>}
        {environment.server && <p>I'm in the server</p>}
        {environment.development && <p>I'm in development mode</p>}
        {environment.production && <p>I'm in production mode</p>}
        {environment.static && <p>I'm in a static site</p>}
        <p> My key is {environment.key}</p>


export default Page;

The environment key is an md5 hash of the current environment folder outputs. The key is appended to assets and static API path to assist cache control.

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