Context Project

  • Type: object
  • Origin: Nullstack Context
  • Availability: server/client
  • readwrite in the server context
  • readonly in the client context

It gives you information about the app manifest and some metatags.

project keys will be used to generate metatags during server-side rendering and must be assigned before initiate is resolved.

project keys will be used to generate the app manifest and should be set during the application startup.

The disallow key will be used to generate the robots.txt and should be set during the application startup.

project keys are frozen after the application startup.

The following keys are available in the object:

  • domain: string
  • name: string
  • shortName: string
  • color: string
  • backgroundColor: string
  • type: string
  • display: string
  • orientation: string
  • scope: string
  • root: string
  • icons: object
  • favicon: string (relative or absolute url)
  • disallow: string array (relative paths)
  • sitemap: boolean or string (relative or absolute url)

Besides domain, name and color all other keys have sensible defaults generated based on the application scope.

If you do not declare the icons key, Nullstack will scan any icons with the name following the pattern "icon-[WIDTH]x[HEIGHT].png" in your public folder.

If the sitemap key is set to true your robots.txt file will point the sitemap to https://${project.domain}/sitemap.xml.

The cdn key will prefix your asset bundles and will be available in the context so you can manually prefix other assets.

The protocol key is "http" in development mode and "https" in production mode by default.

import Nullstack from 'nullstack';

class Application extends Nullstack {

  static async start({project}) { = 'Nullstack';
    project.shortName = 'Nullstack';
    project.domain = '';
    project.color = '#d22365';
    project.backgroundColor = '#d22365';
    project.type = 'website';
    project.display = 'standalone';
    project.orientation = 'portrait';
    project.scope = '/';
    project.root = '/';
    project.icons = {
      '72': '/icon-72x72.png',
      '128': '/icon-128x128.png',
      '512': '/icon-512x512.png'
    project.favicon = '/favicon.png';
    project.disallow = ['/admin'];
    project.sitemap = true;
    project.cdn = '';
    project.protocol = 'https';

  prepare({project, page}) {
    page.title =;


export default Application;

💡 You can override the automatically generated manifest.json and robots.txt by serving your own file from the public folder

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