How to Deploy a Nullstack application on GitHub Pages

Change your build script in package.json to build with --mode=ssg:

"build": "npx nullstack build --mode=ssg",

In your repo under /settings/pages you can:

  • configure which branch will be serving the static files
  • configure which folder will be serving the static files

For the settings bellow, choose master as the branch you want to use and the root folder / as the folder you want to use.

Create a file .github/workflows/ssg-build.yml with (assuming the branch main will trigger a new deploy).

In the build section below, update the environment variables to build with the correct settings.

  • NULLSTACK_PROJECT_NAME - your project name
  • NULLSTACK_PROJECT_DOMAIN - domain, required to correctly render meta tags
    • if you have a custom domain you should also create a file public/CNAME containing your domain name
  • NULLSTACK_PROJECT_COLOR - color to show your application in when installing in devices

✨ You can alternatively store these values in GitHub's secrets settings.

name: Nullstack SSG Build and Deploy

    branches: [main]

    runs-on: ubuntu-latest

      - uses: actions/checkout@v3

      - name: Cache dependencies
        uses: actions/cache@v3
          path: |
          key: node_modules-${{ hashFiles('**/package.json') }}

      - name: Install deps
        run: yarn

      - name: Build
          NULLSTACK_PROJECT_NAME: 'Nullstack Project Name'
          NULLSTACK_PROJECT_COLOR: '#D22365'
        run: yarn build --cache

      - name: Deploy 🚀
        uses: JamesIves/github-pages-deploy-action@v4.3.3
          branch: master
          folder: built

This action will build your application in SSG mode and generate a folder with the static website, the last command will deploy the static folder to your master branch allowing static content to be served from the root.