Getting Started

📌 You can watch a video tutorial on our Youtube Channel.

Create full-stack javascript applications within seconds using npx to generate your project files from the latest template.

🔥 The minimum required node.js version for development mode is 12.12.0.

⚠ If the directory you are in contains spaces, you use Windows and npx gives errors, read about the known npx bug.

Replace project-name with your project name and run the command below to start a project:

npx create-nullstack-app project-name

Change directory to the generated folder:

cd project-name

Install the dependencies:

npm install

Start the application in development mode:

npm start

Understanding the generated files

The following folders and files will be generated:


This is the Webpack entry point.

Usually, you don't have to touch this file, but it is a convenient place to import global dependencies like CSS frameworks.


This folder will contain the actual source code of your application.


This is your application main file.

✨ Learn more about the njs file extension.

The start function will be automatically called once when you run npm start, use it to populate your server context with things like database, settings, and secrets.

✨ Learn more about the application startup.


This is an empty file just to demonstrate that you can use SCSS with Nullstack.

It is a good practice to import a style file in a component with the same name.

✨ Learn more about styles.


Every file in here will be available to anyone from the domain root.

By default create-nullstack-app generates the icons required for your manifest.json and images for OG meta tags.

✨ Learn more about manifest.json.

Be sure to replace these images with your project identity.


This is the compiled result of your application in development mode.

🔥 Do not touch this folder


This is the compiled result of your application in production mode.

🔥 Do not touch this folder

✨ Learn more about how to deploy a Nullstack application.

The known npx bug

Warned on npx issues like #100, #110 and #143, it has an error when trying to resolve the path to his cache folder when contains spaces.

If this happens to you, our recommendations are:

  • Using downloaded as you normally would with npm:

    npm i -g create-nullstack-app
    create-nullstack-app project-name
  • or, change the cache folder directory, as stated here and here:

    • If you want to keep the use of space, replace FirstName with the one used on your path and run:
    npm config set cache "C:\Users\FirstName~1\AppData\Roaming\npm-cache" --global
    • or, using another path without spaces:
    npm config set cache C:\tmp\nodejs\npm-cache --global

Next step

⚔ Create your first renderable component.