Copying static files to the public folder on build

To copy static files to the public folder you need to create a custom webpack override.

In order to modify the webpack config that comes in the Nullstack bundle, you can create a webpack.config.js as mentioned in the documentation "How to customize Webpack".

// webpack.config.js
const [server, client] = require("nullstack/webpack.config");

const fse = require("fs-extra");

class CopyFiles {
  apply() {
    fse.copySync("node_modules/swagger-ui-dist", "public/api-docs", {
      overwrite: true,

function customServer(...args) {
  const config = server(...args);
  config.plugins.push(new CopyFiles());
  return config;

module.exports = [customServer, client];

In case you need to serve these files, you can use context.server to create a route and express.static to point to the files you want to serve.

// server.js
  express.static(path.join(__dirname, "..", "public/api-docs"))
// ...