The State of Nullstack

Nullstack is being developed since January 2019 with features being extracted from freelancing projects.

At this point the API is stable, lifecycle methods and context keys will pretty much be frozen.

We are not yet on 1.0 but really close, the only thing missing is to test it on applications made outside the core team to figure out if it fits the needs of other programmers.

The Roadmap

The next updates will be guided towards fixing any bugs that are found and focus on quality of life.

The updates listed on Nullstack issues are the next planned steps without any particular order.

The Core Team

Nullstack was developed by full-stack neuro-atypical freelancers.

With a heavy background in Rails, Ember.js, React.js and the Vue.js philosophy the inspirations took from those projects might be obvious.

Christian Mortaro

Christian Mortaro

Autistic Author

Creator of the concept. Comes with new API proposals to its favorite rubber ducks and returns with commits.

Reverse engineered wishful thinking code into existence and then refactored it into a framework.

Dayson Marx

Dayson Marx

Distracted Designer

Rubber duck with human skills that makes sure the code is not going too far outside the box, then makes the box look nice.

API reviewer that developed third party projects to test proof of concepts from a front-end focused perspective.

Anny Figueira

Anny Figueira

Autistic Adopter

Rubber duck with a neck to find inconsistencies and problems, waiting till an API is approved to force us into rewriting everything.

An early adopter of the framework that developed real production applications to validate how the parts fit together.

Bianca Augusta

Bianca Augusta

Autistic Artist

Freelance illustrator for 10 years. Warcraft addict, aspiring cosplayer and druid tanker in WoW.

Mother of Nulla-Chan and reads scripts here and there under pure pressure from Mortaro.

Guilherme Correia

Guilherme Correia

import Member from vuejs-br

Experimentalist, universes writer, dreamer and developer when finds and plays the right untitled cassette tape.

User of undocumented features and creator of issues requiring documentation that he will do himself.

Packages Contributors

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Documentation Contributors

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How to Contribute

It's simple. Found a bug or want a new feature?

Create an issue or submit a pull request with tests