0.17.2 Release Candidate Announcement

ByAnny Figueira|Jan. 2023

We're proud to announce the first release candidate of Nullstack, after ~4 years of development and over 3 years being used in real-life, production projects.

Every time we thought about officially releasing a 1.0 version, we got more feature requests from our small community and postponed the release to implement them. We believe we’ve reached a pretty solid, complete state in terms of both our API and the core functionalities. We finally reached the point where, for a few weeks, our Github repo has no open issues and we are running out of excuses not to launch it.

For those new here: Nullstack is a full stack Javascript framework that aims to facilitate the process of quickly building MVPs with quality and scalability by allowing developers to plug-and-play isomorphic features into the code base seamlessly. We aim to be product-focused and feature-driven, although the framework is flexible enough to allow pretty much any design pattern you would like to use.

Nullstack is just vanilla Javascript that reacts to your changes both on the client and server side. It allows you to build pretty much anything: from PWAs with ssr to hybrid mobile applications and even Google Chrome extensions backed by microservices within the same codebase.

One cool thing about Nullstack is that we value not having Nullstack-specific notation, which means it supports any default HTML tag, such as an <a> for links. The framework handles it just fine, without going out of SPA mode just because of it. We also support the normal HTML attributes such as class and onclick, and we support any vanilla JS library that exists, relying on the already robust JavaScript and Node ecosystem, so that a developer wouldn't need to learn anything new to be able to start using it.

You can learn more about our very comprehensive set of features in our documentation.

Apart from personal and freelancing projects, we've also been using Nullstack for the past year at AE Studio on both skunkworks projects with thousands of users and client projects, to a point where we even made it part of our onboarding process. We're pretty adamant about how much it not only allows us to speed up the development process, but also the quality of life for developers and a more adaptable product to our clients.

So, without further ado, we invite everyone to give it a try: all you need to do is run npx create-nullstack-app@latest project-name and start having fun! 🎉

If you have any questions, feel free to join our Discord server where you can interact with our community 🥰

Found a bug or have a feature request? Feel free to open an issue at our Github.

We will interact over the feedback as fast as we can and release 1.0 pretty soon.

You can help us by leaving a star on our Github repo🌟.